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Live | Yoga Retreat

Live | Yoga Retreat

Yes I'm still over here talking about yoga. 


I talked about it last month. 


I talked about it last year. 


I talked about it 4 years ago when I used to do Bikram. 


….and I'm still talking about it, because, well I'm trying to live my best life and be my best self. For me, this includes a peaceful practice which I am determined to do… 


…at some point…. 


I think it is time for me to go on a yoga retreat….Maybe.  


If you've never heard of it, that's okay. It's basically yoga every damn day. I'm ready!    


People go on yoga retreats for different reasons:  


















Whatever way that you want to use the retreat is open for your interpretation. 


Here are some things that you want to do before you go on a yoga retreat: 


Research the instructor.  


Read reviews.  


Figure out if it's cost effective.  


Go somewhere nice and serene.  


Research the difficulty level that suits your practice.  


Photo Credit: Instagram | @yogascapes

There is a website called Yoga Scapes that will let you know what retreats are available for the time frame that you want to go, what country you want to go to, and what kind of atmosphere you like.  


I will warn you that the retreats aren't really inexpensive. However, people definitely suggest that paying expensive cost is definitely worth it.  


Once I get my yoga life together…..I want to go on a yoga retreat so badly! Who's with me 


- Keriki



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