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A Simple Detox Drink for a Healthy Body

A Simple Detox Drink for a Healthy Body

What if I told you that you could get all of these benefits below from one natural drink? 



Skin Clearing 






Immune Booster 


Flushes Toxins 




Digestion Aid 


Calms Stomach Aches 


Appetite Control 



Well you can!  



I like to do this detox for about 3-5 days as a reset every month. I do it as a reset not only for my body but my mind too. I do it to set my intentions for my active lifestyle each month. 



I usually try to keep a low carb diet during this time frame to achieve max results. I also like to remind myself that my diet is a lifestyle and it's already healthy; I don't need to do anything extra I just need to stay focused.  



See below for THE DRINK!  

1 cup | Water 


1 cup | Green Tea 


2 tbsp | Apple Cider Vinegar 


1 tsp | Cinnamon 


5 whole Strawberries 


½ slice of Lemon 


1 finger of Ginger 


1 tsp | Cayenne Pepper 


1 tbsp | Turmeric 


Get your taste buds ready y'all and drink as much as you want! Creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself is a way to dive into being your best self and living your best life.


Whatever changes you make do it so you can be the best you know you can be. 



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