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10 Ways to Know You're in a Relationship with Working Out

10 Ways to Know You're in a Relationship with Working Out

You set an alarm in the morning for the gym.


Sure you have alarms for other things but if you're keeping your workouts on schedule, you're dating. 


If you get to the gym late, you stay late and sacrifice something else.


There are so many times I've ditched putting on makeup or eating a big breakfast so I can get some extra quality time in the gym.


You plan your workouts days, maybe weeks ahead of time.


There's a calendar place holder for your gym time and you schedule everything else around your workouts.


When you miss a day you convince yourself that you need to do an extra hour the next day.


You beat yourself up for missing a day and then do sprints on the treadmill after you already completed an hour of cardio.


You're super cranky when you don't go to the gym for a few days.


You think about working out in the middle of vacation because you just don't feel like yourself anymore.


You spend a lot of money on "gear".


You have running shoes, weightlifting shoes, camelbaks, water bottles, fanny packs, headbands, and clothes to fill an entire dresser.


You don't like to invite your friends because they are an interference.


Inviting a friend to your workout is like having someone be the third wheel on a date. Not interested....nope.


You enjoy being sweaty in the gym.


While people are dabbing their makeup and worried about how their hair looks, your body is dripping wet in sweat and YOU DON'T CARE.


You meal prep just because of the gym.


You don't like to put in all that work and then throw it all away because of bad habits. 


You are always hungry for more workouts and more food.


You just can't get enough.


Relationships CAN be really amazing!


Have fun with working out friends!  


- Keriki

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