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The Glow Up: An Incredible Transformation

The Glow Up: An Incredible Transformation

This blog post isn't necessarily about running but it's the background for what I do want to share with you.


The other the day I was talking with someone about how at some point in life you have to give yourself recognition for glowing up.


Before I continue, for those of you who aren't keen on what I am speaking about,  "glow up" is when you have positively or incredibly transformed.


Everyone's glow up is not the same. For some people it might be post-puberty beauty, for others it might be weight loss or even weight gain, for some it may have to do with academics or their career. For me, running has been one of my most recognizable glow ups.


.....and I'm so serious.


When I was in high school I was supposed to go to a summer leadership program and couldn't go because I didn't like running. 😂


When I was in college I was always in the back of the pack. I mean I tolerated running because it was going to be a significant part of my career but I really wanted nothing to do with it.


Then I became a real adult with real adult responsibilities like taking care of my own health both physically and mentally.  So I started running. I wasn't that good at it at first but I just kept running and kept setting goals for myself and kept achieving them until well....I became a runner.


I glowed the hell up! At least I think I did.


I mean now I'm out here running half marathons and sh%% and I plan my daily schedule around my run (just why🤷🏽‍♀️).


I love running and you wouldn't be able to tell that I couldn't run 1/8 of a mile without complaining when I was in college.


I am a runner.


I love running.


I incredibly transformed into a runner.


The glow up is real.


Recognize your glow up and give yourself some credit.


Practice "Self Love and Self Appreciation"......




- Keriki

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