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Slow Down: Daydreaming

Slow Down: Daydreaming

My handyman and I were talking about our childhoods the other day and it brought me to the realization that if I ever bring a child into this world I want them to feel the way about their childhood the way that I do about my own. Then after finishing his work for the day my handyman asks if I can be his adopted daughter (everyone always wants to be my dad)  and I proceeded to tell him that all this handyman work would be free then.  Lol.


I grew up pretty interestingly, at least it is interesting to me, so I want to share some of it with you.


I'm first generation American and my extended family is BIG and very close because for the most part when my family came to America they all lived in NY. Then we came in the picture in the 80s (shout out to all the 80s babies).


I'm Southern no doubt about it but I'm not real. I'm kind of like a mixture of things.


Let me explain.


Historically my family is from somewhere in Europe.


However, I’ve recently discovered that we are Spanish Creole and Black.


I was born in the South. Mom's job moved her around the South and then one day when I was in pre-school she shipped my sister and I back to Jamaica. I still can't believe that I can remember that. Then the Jamaican government apparently told her that we had to be citizens to stay past 6 months.


Mom wasn't feeling that so when 6 months hit WE GOT SENT BACK.


I stayed in the South (Atlanta to be exact) until I was 7 and guess what happened next....


.....you guessed it.


Mom packed up all of our stuff and the 3 of us moved to Jamaica!


Omg I had so much fun. We stayed there for 5 years. I became a true Jamaican child. I had a Jamaican accent, the only American food we ate was pizza maybe like once a month. I even learned to speak patois!


I lived with my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. My grandmother worked for her brother and my mom worked for her other uncle. I went to their jobs after school if I wasn't playing netball (which I was not good at).


I'm actually not good at any tall people sports.


My great grandmother had a huge house with a huge garden and a huge back yard.


Ackee trees

Avocado trees

Mango trees

Cherry trees

Lime trees

Orange trees

Lemon trees

Plantain trees

Banana trees

.....and a crap ton of flowers!


I learned my multiplication tables in my great grandmother's garden using pebbles from the walkway.


I ate breakfast with my grandmother on the veranda and dinner with my great grandmother in the garden.


My great grandmother drank her red stripe with condensed milk. She let me taste it one day. It was pretty awesome at 10 years old. LOL.


My entire family always visited. My mother and grandmother always threw me the best birthday parties. Christmas and my great grandmother's birthday were THE BEST holidays.


I always looked forward to Friday because, a feast was always made by the helper.


Stew Chicken

Escovitch Fish

Ackee and saltfish

Rice and peas

Stew peas

Curry goat

Green banana

Corned beef





.....I'm salivating.


Television? We had it but it was super overrated. We loved being outside.


We used to walk with our helper to the corner store (not a store...totally a put together make shift food truck stand up thingy) to buy cheese trix and chubby.


We loved going to the beach for fish and festival and I'm still amazed to this day at the horses on the beach.


I was good at school things before I came to Jamaica but the discipline that I left Jamaica with helped me get straight As later on in life. Don't sleep on Caribbean education. It's top notch. Trust.


I just hope that if I decide to have kids one day that they are allowed to be kids. I hope that they are able to look back on life and say "we had the best childhood".


I wrote this article because I just wanted to express that no one needs to be in a hurry to live all of your life today. Sit back and relax and take in all that God has to offer you. Cherish the good times and learn from the bad. Love your tribe and let them know you love them. Make good long lasting friendships and don't waste time on negative ones.


Sometimes I wish I could be on a beach in Jamaica with not a care in the world, drinking a Kola Champagne listening to old Bad Boy records (which were not old at the time). I wish I could be sitting in the garden with my great grandmother planting new flowers. I wish I could be playing dominoes with my uncles.


Figure out what makes you happy and recreate those happy moments.


Slow down and live life.




- Keriki

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