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DIY Smudge Pots

DIY Smudge Pots

I went to a few outdoors farmer's markets last month and this month and picked up some fresh herbs. I'm one person and couldn't use all of the herbs I bought before they wilted (I don't know if this can actually happen) so I looked through Pinterest to figure out what to do and of course DIY smudge sticks popped up in my feed.

Firstly, when purchasing fresh herbs the most important thing to do if you're not going to use them right away is figuring out a way to preserve them. The way I do that is fill a jar or jars with water, depending on how many different herbs you have, place herbs in the water, cover with ziplock bag, and place a rubber band around the jar. Place the jars in the fridge and your herbs will be good to go for weeks.


Choose several stalks of herbs and/flowers that are able to be dried and burned. I chose Sage, Basil, Thyme, etc. I would have added lavender and rose petals if I wasn't in such a hurry to do this DIY. Lol.


Start binding the herbs together with cotton twine (I used crochet thread...just want to be honest). After you've finished binding the herbs together, let the sticks dry and I mean really dry. I waited maybe 8 or so hours before I lit my first smudge stick and it smelled absolutely amazing.


The only thing that I REALLY wish I had when I made these was charcoal.  I usually fill a bowl with lavender, put the coal on top, then place the smudge stick on top of the coal. Smells like paradise.


Smudging is a sacred tradition for indigenous Americans in which they practice spiritual cleansing to drive away negative energy and restore balance.


I personally do not create smudge pots for the reason that indigenous Americans do but I truly admire them taking action toget rid of negative energy.


I believe that whatever positive ritual that you have to do to get rid of negative energy is a form of caring for yourself and over here at full of sage we support self care. 


- Keriki

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