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Vitamix Veggie Burgers

Vitamix Veggie Burgers


Sometimes (actually all of the time) now when I get invited to barbecues in the summer, I'm like "Uuuuuuuggggghhhhhh, do I really want to go?"

So many things go through my mind like

Do I really want to have to eat before I arrive?

Do I really want to bring my own food for the grill?

Are they going to have any side dishes for the healthy eating folks? 

Then I just make an executive decision to go for the fellowship and worry about the food later, because it really isn't that serious and it’s not about me (we all have selfish tendencies, so don't judge). 

Taking your own pre-made burgers to the barbecue is totally okay, but I was tired of taking pre-packaged burgers.

Is that stuff really even good for you? Everything in moderation I guess.

So...everyone I finally freaking mastered making my own black bean burgers.

Frozen burgers be gone!

I have been trying to eliminate "veggie meat" from my diet and replace it with black beans and mushrooms as much as possible.  However, I have been failing and failing hard when it comes to making these dang burgers, so much so that I ate a cheeseburger last June. FAIL. 

I am human and I slip up sometimes, but I really want to be a good pescatarian; I promise. 

So I set out to my trusty Pinterest app and researched black bean and mushroom burgers (because making edible vegetarian dishes is like doing a research project). I did not find recipes that I followed exactly as they were written, but I combined a few to get to my final product. 

Trust me, I was as concerned as you all probably are reading this.  You're probably saying "She's not a real pescatarian" or "Who is this woman?  Should we really trust her judgment?"

I am just asking that you trust me for about 5 minutes (which is how long it will take you to read this recipe), and then you decide on your own whether you want to give it a try.


Daiya shredded cheddar cheese (1 cup)

Black beans (1/2 of a 15 oz can)

Bread Crumbs (1 cup)

Mushrooms (1 cup)

White Onions (1/2 cup)

Green onions (1/4 cup)

Quinoa (1 cup)

Chopped garlic (1/4 cup)

Paprika (1 teaspoon)

Sea Salt (1 teaspoon)

Black Pepper (1 teaspoon)

Cajun Seasoning (1 teaspoon)

Coconut Oil (1 tablespoon)


1.Boil quinoa and set aside.

2.In a large non-stick skillet sauté mushrooms, onions, and garlic until everything is cooked through. Remove from heat and set aside.

3.In a food processor, I used a Vitamix, combine mushroom mixture and black beans. Pulse together but do not pulse until smooth. The texture should be a little chunky.

4.In a bowl mix together black beans and mushrooms, bread crumbs, quinoa, cheese, salt, pepper, Cajun seasoning, and paprika. Make hamburger patties.

5.Heat grill or oven to 350 degrees.  Place the patties on the grill or in the oven(covered) for 25 minutes or until heated through. Turn over patties half way through.

6.Serve on a gluten free bun with your favorite condiments.


I totally hope you guys and gals love this recipe. I did (6 times so far;; that's how many burgers I made) ...and you know what the best part about it is...I felt so good about myself because all I ate was some dang vegetables!



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- Keriki


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